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Zinc Isotope Element
Zinc Periodic Element

Zinc isotopes (Zn)

Urenco Isotopes can enrich or deplete stable zinc isotopes to any concentration, and supply in various chemical forms.

A selection of our Zinc isotopes:

Depleted-Zinc 64 (Zn-64)

  • Known for its use as an additive in the cooling water systems of nuclear reactors.

  • Reduces corrosion processes, including stress corrosion cracking.

  • Reduces the amount of radioactive Co-60 formed because of the activation of natural Cobalt in the construction materials of the reactor.

Zinc-66 (Zn-66)

  • Can be used to produce the PET isotope Ga-66.

Zinc-67 (Zn-67)

  • Is used in research fields such as nutritional studies and in biological research into the uptake of Zinc in the human body.

  • Can also be used to produce the radioisotopes Ga-67 and Cu-67.

Zinc-68 (Zn-68)

  • Is used as a precursor or for the important radiopharmaceutical isotope Ga-67.

  • Can also be used to produce Cu-67.

Zinc-70 (Zn-70)

  • Is used in biological research and in research into super-heavy elements. It has been used in the discovery of element 112: Copernicium.

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