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Xenon Isotope Image
Xenon Periodic Element

Xenon isotopes (Xe)

Urenco Isotopes can enrich or deplete stable Xenon isotopes to any concentration, and supply in various chemical forms.

A selection of our Xenon isotopes:

Xenon-124 (Xe-124)

  • Xe-124 is used as a precursor for both radioactive I-123 and I-125. I-123 is an important thyroid diagnostic radiopharmaceutical isotope, also used for diagnostic analysis of brain, kidney and neurological diseases. This is also used for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

  • I-125 is used in diagnostic imaging and detection of osteoporosis, and in radiotherapy treatment of prostate cancer through seed implantation.

Xenon-126 (Xe-126)

  • Xe-126 can be used as a target for the production of radioactive Ba-128.

Xenon-129 (Xe-129)

  • Xe-129 is used for medical diagnostics to extend the possibilities and improve the results of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

  • In hyperpolarised state the Xe-129 is inhaled by the patient, allowing clear images of the lungs and trachea to be obtained with conventional MRI equipment. Currently Xenon 129 is being used in a study on long covid patients.

Xenon-136 (Xe-136)

  • Xe-136 has been used as a detector for neutrinoless double Beta decay research.

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