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Medical Isotopes

Isotopes for medical diagnostics, therapy, and pain relief

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Our isotopes are used in
over 2 million patient treatments
every year
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Isotopes for medical diagnostics

Our isotopes play a crucial role in nuclear diagnostic imaging techniques, such as gamma imaging, enabling doctors worldwide to identify diseases at an early stage, monitor disease progression, accurately stage diseases, and provide predictive information about the likely success of alternative therapy options.
We also produce stable precursors for:
  • Radioisotopes gallium-67 (i.e. zinc-68), indium-111 (i.e. cadmium-112) and iodine-123 (i.e. xenon-124)

  • Diagnostic radioisotope Iodine-124 (i.e. Tellurium-124)

Isotopes for therapeutic purposes

Our radioisotopes are extensively used for therapeutic purposes, including brachytherapy for cancer and stenosis.
  • Iridium-191 for iridium-192 sources

  • Iodine-125 (made from xenon-124)

  • Copper-67 (produced from zinc-68) and bromine-77 (produced from selenium-77).

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Isotopes for pain relief

Several radioisotopes are already in regular use for pain relief, with ongoing investigations into the potential of other isotopes. Palliative care for pain arising from secondary metastasis due to the spread of breast, prostate and lung cancers is under development.
  • Rhenium-188 (produced from tungsten-186).

  • Zinc-68 and iridium-191


We supply isotopes in various chemical forms, such as oxide, metal, gaseous, elemental, and other forms in accordance with your requests. The materials can be supplied in cylinders, discs, or pellets.

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