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Industrial isotopes

Stable isotopes for the nuclear, non-destructive testing and semiconductor industry

We tailor isotope solutions to your industry

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Stable isotopes for the nuclear industry

Urenco Isotopes provides zinc without the zinc-64 isotope for nuclear cooling systems. This reduces corrosion processes, including stress corrosion cracking. By extracting the zinc-64 isotope, the cobalt-60 level reduces, leading to substantially reduced average dose rates.
  • Depleted zinc-64 in the form of depleted zinc oxide pellets or powder for boiled water reactors;

  • Depleted zinc acetate (DZA) for pressurized water reactors.

Non-destructive testing

We supply products for use as gamma radiation sources for non-destructive testing (NDT).
For example:
  • Iridium-192 sources with high specific activity produced from enriched iridium-191 as a precursor;

  • Selenium-75 produced from enriched Selenium-74.

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Semiconductor production

We are actively committed to contributing to improvements and new developments for our customers in the semiconductor industry. We tailor solutions to specific customer requirements and various research and development projects.
  • GeF4 enriched in germanium-72 (for an improved pre-amorphisation implant process with increased beam current).

  • Silicon enriched in Si-28.

Our most requested isotopes for industrial applications:

  • Germanium-72 and Zinc-64


We supply industrial isotopes in oxide, metal, gaseous, elemental, and other forms in accordance with customer requests. The materials can be supplied in cylinders, discs, or pellets.

Not quite sure what you need?

We take a personalised approach to every partnership. Our experts collaborate closely with you to assess your unique demands and challenges. Leveraging our industry-leading knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities, we craft solutions that exceed your expectations.